Its that time again...
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

Hey Grey,
Time to get excited at the prospect of running for a whole host of husted roles.

Next JCR meeting: Sunday 12th March

Vice President
Fancy organising formals? Want to be a student trustee? Think you could work well with our new president?

Bar Manager
Think you can organise Barfest? Do you have new ideas for drinks and entertainment? Can you continue Grey's reign as best college bar?

Are you gifted in touch-typing? Have a clever plan for what to do with all the uncollected stash? Want to know all the secrets of college without having to say a word yourself? 

Representatives Officer
Want to chair Representative Committee? Can your ideas make Grey more inclusive? Would you like to help implement a new LGBTA+ committee?

Students' Union Representative 
Want to be more involved with university-wide issues? Think you can represent the views of Grey at university consultations? Can you organise the university challenge team?

Nicola answered a few questions about her role as SU Rep on her blog, 

Charities Officer
Want to spearhead charity fundraising in college? Have you got some exciting ideas for a formal or other events?

Environment and Ethics Officer
Would you like to help Grey become more environmentally friendly? Think you can run informative and engaging campaigns?


The deadline for submitting your nomination form and manifesto to the exec pigeon hole (in the post room) is Wednesday 8th March. More informtation on how to run can be found under the 'Running for a Position' tab on my blog

If you are interested in any of these roles or just want to find out more, please get in contact with me.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Miranda xox

Last week's election results
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

Hey Grey,

Thank you to everyone who voted and please continue to vote in both the Referendum and the SU elections.
Well done to everyone who ran. The results from the JCR election are as follows:

There are 260 valid votes giving a quota of 131.
Ben Firth: 246
RON: 14
Ben Firth achieves quota and is duly elected.

Website Editor
There are 241 valid votes giving a quota of 121.
Michael Xin: 197
RON: 44
Michael Xin achieves quota and is duly elected.

Publicity Officer
There are 240 valid votes giving a quota of 121.
Luke Dugdale: 219
RON: 21
Luke Dugdale achieves quota and is duly elected.

Events Manager
There are 248 valid votes giving a quota of 125.
Charlotte Bourchier: 214
RON: 34
Charlotte Bourchier achieves quota and is duly elected.

Services Manager
There are 249 valid votes giving a quota of 125.
Niamh McConville: 239
RON: 10
Niamh McConville achieves quota and is duly elected.

Sports and Societies Officer
There are 264 valid votes giving a quota of 133.
Leo Harris: 93
Dan Wilson: 164
RON: 7
Dan Wilson achieves quota and is duly elected.

Congratulations, I look forward to seeing you all in your new roles next term,
Miranda xox


Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hey Grey!

I hope you're not all feeling as grim as I do after PGN. This week I went to assembly, and would like to inform you of some of the highlights:

- As you have probably seen, a pilot has been launched to allow an eating space in the foyer of the billy b! THIS IS SO EXCITING! Many thanks to Lisa Whiting, the SU Academic affairs officer for getting this to happen, as this is something I've consistently nagged the SU about since entering into my role. 

- Motions were passed regarding future research into the possibility of a reading week added to the Durham semester, and campaigning to keep Wednesday afternoons free for sport and other recreational activities. 

Obviously a lot more than this went down, and if you have any questions about anything regarding the agenda please just email me. You can also read the full minutes on the SU website once they are released. 

Secondly, my role is up in the next JCR meeting! If you're still even reading this email, you might want to consider running. I have listed a couple of common myths/questions surrounding this role, and some reasons why you should run. 

Question: What does Senior SU Rep even do? 

The SU rep is a role that is largely what you make of it. You sit as a member of the exec (and believe me, I'm fairly vocal), co-ordinate SU elections and attend wider university consultations such as Assembly- where you discuss issues as important as setting accommodation fees for the next year and sexual violence. At a university level, the SU rep voices the opinion of Grey, at JCR level, the SU rep represents issues surrounding the wider university. 

Question: Do you have to be in love with the SU/NUS to run?

Not at all. I think a big part of the role is knowing the flaws of the SU (and believe me, they have many). Even if you have no experience of the SU, I would still encourage you to run if you have want to make a change not just to Grey JCR- but Durham University. It's perfectly feasible to get to know the SU on the job, and I'll give you a kick ass handover that will mean you know exactly what you are doing. 

Question: Is it essential to be 'political' or have a particular political affiliation to run? 

Whilst personally, this role has shaped by opinions of how the university should be run, the SU reps role at the end of the day is to represent the students of Grey. Additionally, within Grey the SU rep is meant to remain neutral. Please don't be put off running if you find politics a little bit scary. 

Question: What do YOU get out of the role? 

It could be fair to say SU rep isn't the most recognised or glamourised exec role, but it's still important. Personally, I will never regret running for this role. Through SU rep you develop so many transferable skills that help you personally and at work. I have learned to be more organised, confident, and most importantly- I have learned to speak up about what I believe in and think is right. 

If you have any questions at all, and would like to chat about running- please drop me a message or stop me if you see me. 

Union love

Nicola xxx

Music Update – Room Bookings, Stands and Music Opportunities Including Grey Outreach!
Elizabeth Syme (Music Chair)1 year ago

Hi everyone, lots of news this week – please read!

*NEW STANDS* - We have purchased some new music stands! You’ll find all of the stands in a box in Music Room 2.

*MUSIC ROOM BOOKINGS* - Music Rooms 1 and 2 have now been added to the booking system on the Grey JCR website, so please use this if you would like to book out one of the rooms for practice. Note that the performance drum kit and instrument cupboard is in Music Room 1 and the piano and stands are in Music Room 2. Note the drum key is in a wallet in the Music Room 1 cupboard – please put it back after use!

*OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES* - Grey in the Community are organising a Sports and Activities Day for children with disabilities from local schools, run by Kris Drake. There will be music activities held in the afternoon on Wednesday 1st March in Fountain’s Hall. If you are interested in helping out at this, please email Emily Thomas at

Grey in the Community also have a visit to Hallgarth Nursing Home at 2pm on Sunday 5th March and are looking for any music soloists or groups to play a few pieces. There is a piano available so any pianists are welcome! If you are interested, please email Dawn Lockhart at

*MUSIC PHOTO THIS SUNDAY* – The Music photo will be taking place in the dining room at 13:50 – please come along and remember to arrive 10 minutes beforehand.

Further Music Opportunities:

St Oswald’s Evensong: St Oswald's Church is hosting a Come & Sing Evensong event for students this Sunday (12th February); the scratch choir will be singing music by Stanford, Wood, and Ayleward. Full details can be found on the Facebook event page:

Festival of the Arts: Durham Festival of the Arts is looking to host Arts on the Green again this year, hopefully on Saturday 3rd June (note this is the same day as Grey Day), on Palace Green. There are 4 x 30min slots for college groups to perform in. Also note that there won’t be a stage and Palace Green probably won’t have any access to electricity! But if you are interested in this, please email me at

Thanks :) Beth xox

Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

Hey Grey,
Thank you to everyone for your support for all of the candidates throughout campaign week and for voting in such an important election. 

The results are as follows:

Male Welfare Officer
Round 1
There are 538 valid votes giving a quota of 270.
Steve Tatlow: 506
RON: 32

Steve Tatlow achieves quota and is duly elected.


Female Welfare Officer
Round 1
There are 505 valid votes giving a quota of 253.
Aminah Sair: 208
Emily Thomas: 279
RON: 18

Emily Thomas achieves quota and is duly elected.


Round 1
There are 574 valid votes giving a quota of 288.

Frazer Levett: 166
Pup Rusby: 153
David Slade: 249
RON: 6

No one achieves quota and RON is eliminated.

Round 2
There are 573 valid votes giving a quota of 287.
Frazer Levett: 168
Pup Rusby: 154
David Slade: 251

No one achieves quota and Pup Rusby is eliminated.

Round 3
There are 565 valid votes giving a quota of 283.
Frazer Levett: 240
David Slade: 325

David Slade achieves quota and is duly elected.


The next meeting is only two weeks away, so I will be in contact shortly.
Miranda xox


More events
Flora Mitchell (Careers Officer)1 year ago

Hello Grey!

Hope everyone is having a good week and a great start to February (please be getting warmer). After the success of Colt here I want to invite more people to come to Grey! Tell me who you want to come and what you want them to say! -

More excitingly we have events in college organised! Peter Swift has not one but two events for your please this week they are:

Teach First will be in Holgate House (with drinks and nibbles) Thursday 7th March at 7pm to talk about their two year Graduate Development Programme!

Reserve your place via and see the facebook event

We also have Careers Advisors in college Thursday 9th February 17:20 - 19:00 to answer any questions on CVs, Interviews, applications etc
Sign up coming shortly!


This week is all about interviews! With only one workshop places will go fast - get booking!

Forums (Fora??)

A surprising number to give you a chance to chat to real workers about whatever they do everyday

  • Monday 6th February: London Career Forum Seminar 13:00 - 14:00 in CM221 (CS/Maths) aimed at Japanese speaking students of any background.
  • Wednesday 8th February: Third Sector Forum: Careers in the Charity Sector some the biggest charities in the counrty will be coming to give an insight. Not one to be missed in PLC048 at 12:00 - 14:00
  • Friday 10th February: Theatre and the Creative Arts Careers Forum at 13:00 - 15:00 in the Assembly Rooms to give those all important tips into getting into all areas of theatre and arts (not just acting/directing).

Drop ins

Some nice companies are coming to the Science Site with free stuff - go say hi

As per usual the Careers Website for any bookings and extra events

Otherwise the Grey Angels! (You can find them here) Have all the information you could need. Ask now! It works!

It's a new month, new things to do! Those deadlines are fast approaching and you don't want to miss out! Get to it

Wishing you Greytness,




Welfare positions
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

Hey Grey, 

I hope you are all enjoying campaign week and are getting to know the candidates.
However, there is more to the meeting on Sunday than just the presidential election.

Male Welfare Officer

Steve Tatlow
Proposer: Frazer Levett
Seconders: Jack Hodges, Camilla Barker, Emma Cottenham


Female Welfare Officer

Emily Thomas
Proposer: Calum Scott
Seconders: Ashleigh Torrington, Saskia Rowland, Sarah Sant, Tamsin Brown

Aminah Sair 
Proposer: Alex Myall
Seconders: Leo Harris, Conor Pey, Henry Folds, Heather Martin


Find their manifestos here

You can submit targeted question for any of these candidates along with presidential candidates by emailing me. This means you will anonymously be able to ask a question directly to an individual candidate as you will not be able to do this in the meeting. Questions will be read out at my discretion. You will be able to ask non-targeted questions in the meeting by putting up your hand.

Miranda xox

Big changes to your summer term?...
Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago


Hi Grey,

Couple of important things from me today.


Basically, for one reason or another the uni needs to extend the exam period. However, this could have important implications- such as a shorter three weeks of nothing, and an altered amount of time to revise. The Union have created this (very very short) survey in order to help you have a voice and make an impact in the decision making progress. This is so so important and will GENUINELY HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON YOU. So pleeeease click on the link and fill it out before Sunday.

Additionally, I will be outside dinner tomorrow evening with a union sabbatical officer in order to talk to anyone about this- and answer any questions you may have!


It's that time again! Assembly will take place this Tuesday at 7pm in Elvet Riverside 201. 

NOTE: If any lucky individual is thinking about taking over my role (it goes up for election this term) it would really benefit you to come along to this and see what it's all about- it's fun, I promise. And not in a weird way. 

What's planned?

- Ratification of socities: Pakistan society, Friends of Fiji, Bangla Society, Mixed Martial Arts

- Debates on the following motions: Do we need a reading week?, NUS conference submission (remember all that NSS stuff I kept banging on about? Yeah it's still a thing), Keeping Wednesday afternoons free, Principles of student engagement and Fossil free. 

This is all fairly interesting stuff, so take a little read of the wider papers here:

As always, any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a message!

Union love

Nicola xxx