MCR Dinnerwatch
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)2 years ago

Forthcoming Dinners for PG and 4th year students.

I hope you are all ‘enjoying’ the start of term time. We already have a full programme of events and dinners for Postgraduate and 4th year members to take your mind off that looming PhD. or dissertation submission. Check emails about each of the following events individually.

28th April - St Mary’s Inter-MCR formal

29th April - Hild Bede postgraduate dinner

6th May - Castle Inter-MCR formal

9th May - St John’s Inter-MCR formal

10th May - Hatfield Inter-MCR formal

High Table Dinners: We have been invited to join SCR members for a gowned dinner and networking event on high table. Please contact the Vice-Master if you are interested in attending on one of the following dates:

11th May

18th May

25th May

For more updates please check the MCR event page.

Calling all finalists - it's Yearbook time!
Courtney Caton (President)2 years ago

Need a productive way to procrastinate? 

The Grey Finalists 2016 Yearbook is now up and running – we just need your entries! Simply log in at using the password philosophisers60 to create your page, then you’ll be able to upload photos, comments, and much more to help create a memento of your time here. It’s available to any finalist, whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, as well as any third years on four year courses, and you’ve got until Tuesday 3rd May (Just under a week) to get your entries in! If you’ve got any further questions about the yearbook, please contact Alice Ashwell via Heads of Sports, Societies, and Committees will be contacted in the next few days regarding page entries.
JCR Meeting (8th-10th May)
Conor Pey (Chair)2 years ago

Huge thank you to Ben Willis for making the new JCR website! It truly is a work of art and was much needed. Also, if anyone is interested would just like to make it clear that everyone is welcome to come to exec meetings. They're on at 6:30 on a Sunday in the Pennington Suite in Grey. Just give me a shout if you wanna witness the incredibly intellectual discussions and witty chat that occurs.

Next JCR meeting is at a date and time to be specified (somewhere between 8th and 10th May). Positions up for grab include...

Services Manager

Nominations close on Wednesday 4th May for those positions. Just ask me about what you need to do if you have even the slightest interest in them. Information is on the blog on the website.

And there is one position that is up on a "show up and say that you want to do it" kinda basis

Gym Manager

Also, if you wanna submit a motion, financial or otherwise, then use the link below or ask me about the ins and outs. Same deadline as for the positions. Finally, check out the new feedback system. Feel free to complain/compliment to your hearts content!