Finance, Feedback and Free Formal Tickets
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

The next JCR meeting is on Sunday 4th, 8pm. Perfect way to nurse your IB hangover? I think so.

Assistant Treasurer
Barney Hodder-Williams

Proposer: Frazer Levett
Seconders: Jess Lehrter, Alex Myall, Harry Dodds

view his manifesto here:

To allow targeted pre-submitted questioning, with respect to the chair’s discretion, during husts for all JCR positions

Proposer: Alex Davies
Seconder: Milly Esmund

To remove the anonymous feature from the online feedback system
Proposer: David Jones
Seconder: Izaak Beck

Elected positions:
Livers-out Rep
11 Ordinary Members of Finance Comm
2 Ordinary Members of Food Comm

By coming along to the JCR meeting you will receive a raffle ticket which will give you a chance to win one of the following:
A bottle of wine - have a drink on us
1 free formal ticket - debts for the ticket will be cancelled when you book on
4 guaranteed spots on burns night - no stressful page refreshing needed

Also, for all following JCR meetings if you are not able to make the meeting or don't feel comfortable with putting your hand up to ask, you can pre-submit questions to me up until Sunday 14:00. These will be confidential unless you choose to state otherwise.

Check out the Facebook page for the meeting for additional updates:

See you at the meeting,

Miranda xox


Photoshoot, NUS Delegates and Assembly
Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hey Grey!

A few things from me today: 


Ever seen the 'Never Have I Ever Posters' with Alice Harfield and Shaun Stillwell and feel green with jealousy? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHINE. The Union are shooting their next lot of posters on the afternoon/evening of the 5th of December and want BNOCs to feature. They're also offering free pizza, which is always an incentive. 

Update on the NSS boycott

At the emergancy assembly called last week, a motion was passed through for Durham's support of a risk assessment of the NSS boycott. This means that hopefully universities will become more informed of the risks involved of boycotting the NSS- and whether this will actually make a difference in a fight gainst the Higher Education Reform. As always, I will keep you updated as further progress is made. 

NUS Delegates

Campaigning has begun for NUS delegates! This means we are voting for who we want to represent us at the NUS national conference of all the universities in the country (who are still affiliated with the NUS lol). You will have the opportunity to grill these hopefuls at Assembly next week. You can also view their manifestos here:

Assembly 6.12.17

David Jones' favourite meeting is back for one last time this term. As well as the NUS delegate question and answer session, other things that will be discussed include:

- reviews of policy (this includes the lobbying of the unviersity for cash machines, investment in fossil fuels, sexual consent, faith spaces and eating spaces!!) 

- officer reports

- ratification of socities ('research' magazine, English law students association, Ale appreciation, Parkour Freerunning Society, Trading and Investing Society, Field Game Society The Definite Article, Marxist Society, Applied Psychology Society, Gin Society, Informal Political Discussion Society, Buddist Society, Polish Society, Rugby Supporters Society, Magic Society, and Durham for Accessible Education)

- Allocation of grants (like that big fancy finance comm meeting Ben Firth held the other week)

- Restructure of sabactical roles

I love to here your questions and opinions (and feel useful), so please feel free to drop me a message!

Have a lovely last day of November!

Nicola xxxx

JCR MEETING REMINDER 4th December: Assistant Treasurer, Livers-out rep, Finance Comm members, Food Comm members.
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

The next JCR meeting will be on Sunday 4th December at 20:00 in the dining hall.

The following husted roles will be up for election:

  • Assistant Treasurer: If you've managed to stay clear of your overdraft so far and like working with £££ this is the role for you. This role gives you the chance to spend precious 1-on-1 time with Davies. 

If interested please send me an email and I will let you know a little bit more about the role. The deadline for putting yourself forward for this is Wednesday 30th November, 18:00.


The following are elected roles, so just turn up on the day and say a few words:

  • Livers-out rep: Are you passionate about representing those who live out? Would you like to help run livers-out formal?
  • 11 ordinary members for Finance Comm: Want to help decide the budgets of sports and societies? Think you will be able to scrutinise JCR accounts?
  • 2 ordinary members for Food Comm: Like discussing food? Know all the potatoes that college has to offer?


If you wish to put forward any motions, both financial and constitutional, then let me know before Wednesday 30th at 18:00

You can find the relevant documentation for this and for husted roles here:

Here's the link to the Facebook event which will be updated in the run-up to the meeting:


Love Miranda xox

A few events for you to sample...
Flora Mitchell (Careers Officer)1 year ago

Hello Grey!

Another week has come and (shout out to the Americans amongst you) Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? That essay being formative? That lecture cancelled? That housemate who washed up your pan? I, of course, am thankful for yet more Careers Events (or that's what my contract says I should say) so go check them out.

We are somewhat low on Careers Events this week (you'll be pleased to hear, I am obviously devastated for what else will brighten my day?) but you know who is always a good source of Careers information? The Grey Angels! Our Alumni friends are still ready and willing to offer advice so take advantage of them - have a look!

The Events

We're winding down a little on quantity but the quality is still high

Tuesday 29th November

  • 12:30 - 13:30: Skills Workshop: Telephone Interview workshop histed by Addleshaw Goddard (Corporate law) in PCL048
  • 18:00 - 20:00: Employer dropin - Graduate Talent Development Program at BMO Global Asset Management at Kentworthy Hall in Mary's

Wednesday 30th November

  • 12:30 - 14:30: Work Experience Forum 2016 - held in CLC203, this will give you a chance to learn about work epxperience opportunities available to you
  • 14:30 - 16:00: Public Speaking Workshop - SCA in PCL050 to help you speak with confidence
  • 16:00 - 18:00: Creating a Powerful Marketing Plan & Understanding Brand Development - a marketing based event in CLC407


See nice and succinct? So as always the Google form is here -

Other than that all that remains for me is to wish you another good week, encourage you to take some time to dust off that CV and cheer for our destruction of Collingwood (whoop whoop!). Just goes to show what you can do really.

Wishing you Greytness,


Matriculation Photos!
Timothy Avni (Vice-President)1 year ago

Dear Grey,

The matriculation photographs recently taken are online and available to order at the below site. You do not need a Durham University email address so please feel free to pass these details onto friends and family if you wish.


Token: grey2016

If you have mislaid your individual portrait details or if you have any queries, please feel free to contact Gillman & Soame directly at or on 01869 328200.

Peace out,

Formal Code of Conduct
Timothy Avni (Vice-President)1 year ago

Dear Grey,

Attached is the code of conduct for formal meals. Please ensure that you are aware of these rules before attending formals this year. 

A reminder that there are now two members of formal committee on duty as well as the Duty Porter on each JCR formal. 

Kind regards,

Rising tuition fees
Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hi Grey!

I just want to remind everyone that following my speech regarding the NSS boycott and the issue of rising fees, me and David Jones will be attending assembly tomorrow night to discuss what this at 7pm in CG93. Anyone is welcome to come along with us- the more the merrier. 

As I've said before this is a really important issue that requires a great deal of thought and debate. If you want to ask me any questions before hand feel free to drop me a message or stop me!

Don't let the rain get you down!

Nicola xxxx

PS. If you want to read more on this issue here are some links:


1.       The Government

a.       Higher Education and Research Bill: factsheet

b.      TEF Factsheet

2.       NUS

a.       Higher Education and Research Bill briefing

b.      Winning the Arguments: Why fees don’t drive teaching excellence

3.       Websites with articles including a variety of perspectives on the HE Bill & TEF

a.       Times Higher Education

b.      Wonkhe

Online Booking is back up!
Andrei Sandu (Services Manager)1 year ago

Hey Grey,

Just a quick one from me to let you know that the online room booking system for Fountains, Grey Chapel, the TV Room and the Old Library is back up and running. 
If you head over to the Room Booking page in the top right corner, you can now submit a booking request there!



Angels and Lawyers
Flora Mitchell (Careers Officer)1 year ago

Hello Grey!

We're (over? I don't know who even designed this week numbering system) halfway through the term and I don't know about you but the thing that really cheers me up in a midterm low is Careers Events!!

PSA - Grey Angels

A major part of my role is advertsing what is surely one of the best sources of careers info we have here at Grey: the Grey College Careers Angels! Members of the Alumni Network, the Grey Association, these ex-Grey students have shared their details to offer you advice or answer questions and help you learn about Careers. You can find them here and I encourage you to make full use of them. They're helpfully organised by subject, industry, employer etc so please, go look now!

And now back to your reguarly scheduled blogpost


Future lawyers it's your time to shine! The Law Fair is happening Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November! This two-day event has over 70 firms and course providers and sponsored by Baker and McKenzie LLP it promises to be quite an event. So grab you plastic bags (for free pens) and head on over to the Howlands building.


A smaller bunch this week. But still important 

  • Monday 21st November: Assessment Centre Technique 14:00 - 16:00 in PLC053
  • Tuesday 22nd November: Enhance your graduate career prospects - Unleash the enterprising skill set within you (whatever that means) in PLC048 at 12:00 - 13:00
  • Thursday 24th November: Mock Interviews at 09:30 - 12:45 in the Careers Centre - book now!

Drop ins

We have tea and cafes and recruiters who want to see you

  • Monday 21st November: Decathalon (Sports Apparel) China lunchtime presentation at 13:00 - 15:00 in the Business School
  • Wednesday 23rd November: Kickstart Your Career with Berwin Leighton Powell LLP at the Boat Club 18:45 - 22:00
  • Thursday 24th November: PwC have their Opportunity Challenge18:00 - 20:00 at Maidencastle

Something of interest

A nice article sent to me with lots of interview tips here, collected in a few bullet points. I know a few of you want interview information so here is an interim offering. Enjoy!

The Google form is here - Tell me things -

And so we finish another week, onwards we go. Chin up my qualififed friends and remember that if Donald Trump can get his dream job with absolutely no experience, getting yours should be a walk in the park

Wishing you Greytness,


I'm so done.
Conor Pey (Chair)1 year ago

The following are the results of the elections...

There are 297 valid votes giving a quota of 149.
Miranda van Noorden: 258
Reopen Nominations: 39

Miranda van Noorden achieves quota and is duly elected.

There are 293 valid votes giving a quota of 147.
Rachael Graham: 272
Reopen Nominations: 21

Rachael Graham achieves quota and is duly elected.

There are 301 valid votes giving a quota of 151.
Alice Moss: 289
Reopen Nominations: 12

Alice Moss achieves quota and is duly elected.

There are 330 valid votes giving a quota of 166.
Henry Folds: 94
Calum Scott: 62
Ruairi Brogan: 174
Reopen Nominations: 0

Ruairi Brogan achieves quota and is duly elected.

Really well done to all those that won. For senior frep, you all were amazing, it's just a huge shame you couldn't all win. You all would have done a brilliant job.


The JCR has been fantastic in my last year. Thank you to everyone big and small that has been involved in my reign of tyranny. Keep up the love for the JCR and all those in it. We are lucky to be going to a university that has JCRs that facilitate this sort of community.

Don't be boring. Get funny. Get involved. 

And with that I say CYA.