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Weekly roundup: festive edition
Sophie Martin (Sports & Societies Officer)Sun Dec 04 2016 18:52:33 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey,


It's CHRISTMAS TIME! With only 24 sleeps to go until Christmas, it's now socially acceptable to start singing carols in public and stuffing your faces with mince pies. Read below for some upcoming festive events and results from the weekend! 




Grey CU are hosting a free Christmas Pub Quiz with festive smacks and a short talk in Grey bar, 7pm on Wednesday 7th December! 




Unbelievable win for GCDC's B team in the cup. They faced Mildert B's (a team in the division above) in the corridor on Monday and showed them how we throw darts at Grey. Mihir Date started off with a good first leg but then lost 2-1. Unfortunately for him all 7 other team members won their match sending him on a solo bar crawl - date yet to be announced. The 7-1 win has the B's likely to finish 2nd place and progress from the group stage.




The A team sashed Hatfield A 29-3, whilst the D team drew 12-12 against JoBo Cs. Meanwhile the B team lost to Castle B 12-11 on Sunday. It was a very valiant effort from those who played considering that the team had no subs and the opposition were bitchy and vicious. So who's the real winner?




Another win for the GCHC girls (shock).. 4-1 against a decent Aidan's side with some strong breaks from their forwards 'but not enough to beat the mighty Grey' (H.Trow, 2k16)




Squash had a very successful week all round! It kicked off with another win from men's squash: 4-1 against Castle keeps them in top spot. The B's also followed suit as squashed (ha) Trevs 5-0. Finally the women's team also put up a good fight and won 3-2 against Trevs. 




Men's A badminton annihilated Marys 9-0.




D team football beat staff 6-0, despite them containing a 6"5 ex convict in the team. This Saturday the Ds will take on the Es at 13:00 down at the Racecourse for anyone wanting to watch some passionate and skillful football in equal measure. The Ds will also be taking on John Snow A in the cup at MC on Sunday at 18:30, so be sure to head down and get it out! 




B team frisbee bested Ustinov A 5-4. 



Finally a message about using the tennis court at Grey. When you have finished using it please move the net back into the box, thank you! 


Hope everyone is feeling the festive spirit as we head into the final couple of weeks of term! Can't wait to see your best costumes at IB, and all of your hungover faces at the JCR meeting on Sunday at 8! 



Sophie xoxo 

A Wet 'n' Wild Week
Sophie Martin (Sports & Societies Officer)Sat Nov 12 2016 17:40:56 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey, 

With the weather being incredibly grim at the moment let's concentrate on the big wins this week to cheer up the mood! 


The wet weather on Saturday didn't dampen the spirits of GCBC's men's and women's squad as they took to the Wear to race on home water. From the men's squad, the IM3 4+ made a flying start and were impeded by a small collision with a schoolgirls quad and St. Johns CBC before Elvet. Despite Hatfield winning the category, the boat managed a top 10 finish of all boats. The Nov 4+ also raced well, 'quite splashy' as quoted by Joe Woodward but still managed to only lose to the winners St. Cuth's by only a couple of secs. However, they thrashed Hatfield to continue our newfound rivalry.

There were also 2 women's crews out racing today. A huge congratulations to the women's IM3 4+ who were fastest in their category today and are unbeaten so far this season! The Nov 4+ followed racing very well and will look to close the gap between Grey and Aidans at the next race.

Finally Grey beat Collingwood in the men's 6k team relay at MC in the North East Indoor Rowing Championships to win the overall event!

GCBC looks forward to competing at York SBH on 20th Nov and Rutherford Head, where our men's 8s will face off, on 26th Nov.


The women's Graiden's side stared the season off with a bang with a massive 51-0 victory over Trevs! 

GCRFC season's also got underway this weekend, winning 15-12 against Stephenson in the last play of the game. Shoutout to Finn Connor for earning his second Dick of the Day in a row. 


The mixed lacrosse A team smashed their cup match against Schmildert 11-1 taking them through to the next round.


Badminton Mens A retain their position at the top of the league afer an 8-1 win against JoBo.


Pool B finally got a win 6-3 against Collingwood B, massive game from Miranda van Noorden; smashing stereotypes and misogyny with flair and bottle, their freshers pride is still on Collingwoods floor in a pool of wace. It also explains how Timmy got so good recently, though he struggled when it came to having to do all the work himself. 


No surprises this week to hear that GCHC won again, this time 6-0 against Collingwood! 

The men's team also stepped up this week and drew 1-1 against Cuths, a strong side who currently sit at the top of the league.


Women's football smashed Aidan's 3-0 at the weekend - and also beat Mary's in the cup game last week (definitely wasn't a walkover)! 


Because we all know that you would rather be reading our excellent tweets than paying attention in lectures, give some of our sport accounts a follow! 




@7MavinStreet (Not sports related but a DUCFS model lives here so why not?)

Everyone please like the Facebook page below for updates regarding the GREY-COLLINGWOOD varsity! A timetable for the weekend and posters will be appearing very soon, so get excited!

Stay classy Grey, 

Sophie xoxo

Finishes, Flops and Fireworks
Sophie Martin (Sports & Societies Officer)Thu Nov 03 2016 17:06:37 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hiya all, 

As we rise to second in the points table, read on to hear all of our successes over the week...


Proving that GCHC deserved to win sport of the year at PGN last year, they are dominating the Premiership after 2 big wins this weekend. Saturday saw them put away an easy 6-1 against Aidans, whilst on Sunday they had a 4-0 win against Ustinov. 

"Ustinov were sh*t. We were sick. Absolutely smashed it. Did the ball even get into their half? I don't think so." (D. Collins, 2016) 


Both the men's A and B teams performed well this weekend, with the A's beating Collingwood 6-3 and the B's beating JoBo 8-1! 


The men's A team squash now sit proudly atop the table thanks to a 4-1 victory over a sub par bunch from Cuths.


The B team drew 6-6 against Hatfield to continue their unbeaten run!


The men's A team continued on their winning streak and sit comfortably at the top of the table. The weekend saw them win 4-3 against Collingwood after fresher Callum Begg helped out with a last minute winner. The B's also had success with a 4-0 win over Stephenson Cs. 

Things weren't so great for the D's unfortunately. In a fashion similar to his performance after the social last week, Shepherd flopped at the opportunity to score, resigning the D team to a friendly loss. 


The D's and E's had some luck at the weekend, winning 27-3 and 21-9 respectively. The B team battled through a close game with Mildert B's and were winning in the 3rd quarter, however they were overturned last minute and lost 14-12. 


Grey fireworks is taking place this Saturday forthe last time, and it's going to be lit and bangin' (ha). This beautiful display is set to music and is truly not to be missed! The fireworks start at 7pm however arrive at 6.30 if you want a good spot. Donations of £4 are asked for to cover the cost of the show. 

There's also exciting news about the FIRST EVER GREY-COLLINGWOOD VARSITY coming up, but keep your eyes peeled over the next week for more information regarding that... 

You know you love me,