George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hey Grey,

Congratulations on making it through the year - I hope you're all happy with your results and looking forward to a well-earned rest this summer!
Before you forget Durham for a while, I'm here to tell you about a wonderful opportunity - to become one of Grey's new SUBJECT LEADERS!

What is this, you may ask? Well, as one of our lovely Subject Leaders, you'll be there for students, old and new, to help them with any questions or problems they may have about your course and, if you'd like, to help your course bond with some cracking socials (dress as your subject's a personal fave). The time commitment is as much or as little as you make of it, so there's flexibility to fit it in with your other commitments!

So, think Social Sec for your subject, with a side of discussing which lecturers/modules are worth avoiding! What's more, it's a great thing to add to your CV, showing leadership, organisation, great communication skills and an acute interest in your chosen field of study!

You can apply by yourself, or in a pair, and we're looking for Subject Leaders in every course, including Nat Sci and Combined/Liberal Arts/whatever my degree's now calling itself. To apply, just fill out this 5-minute form by the 1st July:

If you have nay questions or want more info, get in touch by email or Facebook - I'd love to hear your ideas for the year!

Enjoy your summer guys!