George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hey Grey! 

Brexit means Brexit but does an election vote mean you'll vote? I know there's loads to do at the moment but this a quick one to get you to REGISTER TO VOTE! It's been shown time after time that students are less likely to vote than older people, so REGISTER TO VOTE

To REGISTER TO VOTE, click here:

When you REGISTER TO VOTE, don't forget that you can register at home or in Durham but not both as this is a general election (voting in both constituencies is ILLEGAL). Think tactically about where your vote could matter more if you wanna be sly, but remember you'll need to vote by post (get it sent to Grey!) or proxy if you want to vote in your home constituency. 

On voting day, I'll be walking people to polling stations from Grey in case you don't know where to go (though not too early, it's the day after Phoenix Ball). 


The SU is running a campaign to reduce accommodation costs because, in short, they're disgustingly expensive. If costs had risen with inflation over the last 9 years, you'd only be paying about £5775 for a term-time catered room instead of the £6940 livers in will pay next year. Because that price is an absolute mare, the SU want the cost of living in to be lowered - to find out more and sign the petition they're running, have a look here:

There'll be a protest and a competition later in term and I'll be in touch with more deets post-exams!

Congrats for getting to the end of this - if revision gets too much and you need a comforting ear, tweet Stormzy. There's an off chance he might do something amazing like give you £9,000, which he did yesterday to help one of my friends so she can pay for her Master's at Harvard!

Union Love,