Bouncy Castles and Dogs!
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hey Grey,

I hope you've all had a super Easter holiday! This is a quick one to introduce myself as your new SU Rep, and let you know about a few things that are going on this week! I'll be in Spain until a few days before Grey Day, but if you need any help with anything SU related, drop me an email or a Facebook message and I'll be happy to help!


The SU will be running loads of lovely activities to help get you through revision and exams, including guide dog sessions and bouncy castle visits. To find out more about the support there is, as well as some advice on how to look after yourself during exam season (just 40 days till Grey Day), take a look here:

Higher Education and Research Bill

You'll have heard that there's a general election happening, but you might not know that the Government are tying up loose ends before Parliament's dissolved. The HE and Research Bill is one which really affects students and university, most obviously through increasing tuition fees. There are a few changes suggested which the NUS are campaigning for. The changes will:

- Cut the link between TEF and fees (Meaning that "great" universities will not be able to increase tuition fees faster than "good" universities)
- Remove international students from immigration figures
- Protect students from the risk of new HE providers
- Make it easier for students to be registered to vote

If you're interested in supporting this campaign, get in touch with your MP through this link: It makes life so easy for you - it'll get in touch automatically

NUS Conference

We are in the middle of the NUS Conference, and there are some really great things being debated. We have five delegates, one of whom, Tom Harwood, is running to be the new NUS President. If you're interested in keeping up with what's happening, take a procrastinatory gander here:

Best of luck with revising - if you hit a wall, have a listen to this to help you reset: