Assembly, Officer Elections, Dissertation binding dealzzz $$$
Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)1 year ago

Hi Grey,

Hope summative stress isn't getting you down. Please remember to look after yourself and give yourself some down time if you need it! 


Just to let you know this is my LAST EVER assembly as your union rep this week :'( 

Here is what is up on the agenda: 

- As usual, reports from all your officers 

- Societies up for ratification include: Guinness Society, Quiz Society, Durham Dutchies, Durham Society for Economic Pluralism, Saudi Student Society, Primatological Society

- Societies which have some objections towards them and will be discussed are: Bar Society (not the alcoholic kind and I though, the lawyery type one), HeforShe Society, Enhancing Legal Sector Access (ELSA)

- Up for discussion are the idea of a student rent guarantor scheme for students who struggle to find a financially stable guarantor in the UK (for example international students or those from low income backgrounds) and thestrengthening of NUS democracy 

As always, if anyone is interested in attending assembly with me it's tomorrow evening at 19.00 in ER201. Full papers (as well as minutes for the last assembly) can be viewed here:

UG Academic Officer Elections 

You know how we can now eat in the billy b foyer? That was all the work of our amazing Academic Affairs Officer Lisa Whiting. We really need someone good in this role to help with issues such as lack of study space, and academics not listening to students regarding their course. So please, pretty please vote in this election. Also, if our college gets the highest percentage of voters, we win £100 for our JCR to spend on anything we like! Here's the link:

Dissertation binding

Just a quick heads up to finalists, the SU provide a dissertation binding service from their reception. I know it's fairly expensive to get your dissertation bound, but the SU do a pretty reasonable deal (cheaper than a lot of subject departments). Also, if you're anything like me and have a diss due during the holidays the SU will be open to allow you to do that. Cathy the receptionist who does the binding is an absolute angel and will do her absolute best to do it as quickly as possible so lets all show her a little bit of love <3 

Lots of union love

Nicola xxx