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George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)Sat Nov 11 2017 17:11:02 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey!

Starter for 10: How are Grey doing in University Challenge?

Today was the beginning of the intercollegiate University Challenge, with the dream of TV Screens and being savaged by Paxman not too far away for some esteemed eggheads. Grey absolutely boshed through their starter questions, ruining Castle, JoBo, Snow and a rogue Wildcard team to top their group!

They face the knockouts next Saturday, so if you want to follow Henry Woolhouse's journey to this year's University Challenge hottie or you just want to laugh at Cam Yule, do come along and support - it'd be much appreciated! Keep up to date with it here:

Bonus Questions - This week in the SU:

When's the next Union Comm meeting? 

Tomorrow at 5pm in the Bar - do come along if you're interested in finding out the inner workings of the SU and how we'll be supporting the SU's accommodation fees campaign! 

When are NUS Delegate Nominations open? 

NUS Delegate nominations are now OPEN until this Friday! If successful, you get to represent Durham at the NUS Annual Conference in Glasgow and make a real difference to student politics across the country. Whether you're a Rees-Mogg in disguise or a low-key Corbynista, strong opinions on how to make our student experience better are most welcome! You can nominate yourself here:

What do I do if I want to find out more about anything related to the SU? 

Get in touch, you donut. Anything you need to know about the SU, whether a society exists or you need help with setting one up then I'm your go-to-guy. Facebook or email, whatever floats your boat! 

Union Love, 

George xoxo

George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)Thu Jun 22 2017 15:04:11 GMT+0100 (BST)

Hey Grey,

Congratulations on making it through the year - I hope you're all happy with your results and looking forward to a well-earned rest this summer!
Before you forget Durham for a while, I'm here to tell you about a wonderful opportunity - to become one of Grey's new SUBJECT LEADERS!

What is this, you may ask? Well, as one of our lovely Subject Leaders, you'll be there for students, old and new, to help them with any questions or problems they may have about your course and, if you'd like, to help your course bond with some cracking socials (dress as your subject's a personal fave). The time commitment is as much or as little as you make of it, so there's flexibility to fit it in with your other commitments!

So, think Social Sec for your subject, with a side of discussing which lecturers/modules are worth avoiding! What's more, it's a great thing to add to your CV, showing leadership, organisation, great communication skills and an acute interest in your chosen field of study!

You can apply by yourself, or in a pair, and we're looking for Subject Leaders in every course, including Nat Sci and Combined/Liberal Arts/whatever my degree's now calling itself. To apply, just fill out this 5-minute form by the 1st July:

If you have nay questions or want more info, get in touch by email or Facebook - I'd love to hear your ideas for the year!

Enjoy your summer guys!

George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)Tue May 16 2017 14:01:45 GMT+0100 (BST)

Hey Grey! 

Brexit means Brexit but does an election vote mean you'll vote? I know there's loads to do at the moment but this a quick one to get you to REGISTER TO VOTE! It's been shown time after time that students are less likely to vote than older people, so REGISTER TO VOTE

To REGISTER TO VOTE, click here:

When you REGISTER TO VOTE, don't forget that you can register at home or in Durham but not both as this is a general election (voting in both constituencies is ILLEGAL). Think tactically about where your vote could matter more if you wanna be sly, but remember you'll need to vote by post (get it sent to Grey!) or proxy if you want to vote in your home constituency. 

On voting day, I'll be walking people to polling stations from Grey in case you don't know where to go (though not too early, it's the day after Phoenix Ball). 


The SU is running a campaign to reduce accommodation costs because, in short, they're disgustingly expensive. If costs had risen with inflation over the last 9 years, you'd only be paying about £5775 for a term-time catered room instead of the £6940 livers in will pay next year. Because that price is an absolute mare, the SU want the cost of living in to be lowered - to find out more and sign the petition they're running, have a look here:

There'll be a protest and a competition later in term and I'll be in touch with more deets post-exams!

Congrats for getting to the end of this - if revision gets too much and you need a comforting ear, tweet Stormzy. There's an off chance he might do something amazing like give you £9,000, which he did yesterday to help one of my friends so she can pay for her Master's at Harvard!

Union Love, 

Assembly and Accommodation Fees!
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)Wed May 03 2017 17:47:18 GMT+0100 (BST)


Hey Grey, 

Hope you guys are having a good week and the library seshes aren't too long! To get you through - have a watch of this, Alan never fails to sort me out when I'm stressed:

Next Tuesday 9th at 7:00pm in ER201 is Assembly, where the SU discusses what they're up to as well as new societies, policies and ideas to help you guys get the most from being at Durham. You can have a look at the agenda here

The main things that will be discussed are: 

  • New society ratification (pages 15-16)
  • To lobby the university to integrate registering to vote with registration at Durham (pages 18-19) 
  • Changing the start/end date of SU Sabbs (page 38) 
  • Launching a new campaign about accommodation fees (pages 64-5) - this includes lobbying the University to drop fees by over £1,300!

If you have any opinions or questions whatsoever about anything that's being discussed (particularly accommodation fees and voting), drop me a line or a Facebook message - to represent you guys, the SU need to know what you're thinking! 

One last thing: you might have seen that the NUS passed a motion that "banned whooping" from conferences in favour of "jazz hands", proposed by a Durham NUS delegate. I just wanted to let you all know that the idea was to encourage people to show their support by clapping in sign language (definitely not jazz hands), to help people who are deaf or have sensory issues to feel more comfortable during a very noisy conference. Whether you agree with this measure or not, this has been very badly misrepresented by the media and definitely undermines the great work NUS conference has done in lots of areas this week! 

Keep ploughing through Grey - you're bossing it! 

George xox

Bouncy Castles and Dogs!
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)Tue Apr 25 2017 21:38:28 GMT+0100 (BST)

Hey Grey,

I hope you've all had a super Easter holiday! This is a quick one to introduce myself as your new SU Rep, and let you know about a few things that are going on this week! I'll be in Spain until a few days before Grey Day, but if you need any help with anything SU related, drop me an email or a Facebook message and I'll be happy to help!


The SU will be running loads of lovely activities to help get you through revision and exams, including guide dog sessions and bouncy castle visits. To find out more about the support there is, as well as some advice on how to look after yourself during exam season (just 40 days till Grey Day), take a look here:

Higher Education and Research Bill

You'll have heard that there's a general election happening, but you might not know that the Government are tying up loose ends before Parliament's dissolved. The HE and Research Bill is one which really affects students and university, most obviously through increasing tuition fees. There are a few changes suggested which the NUS are campaigning for. The changes will:

- Cut the link between TEF and fees (Meaning that "great" universities will not be able to increase tuition fees faster than "good" universities)
- Remove international students from immigration figures
- Protect students from the risk of new HE providers
- Make it easier for students to be registered to vote

If you're interested in supporting this campaign, get in touch with your MP through this link: It makes life so easy for you - it'll get in touch automatically

NUS Conference

We are in the middle of the NUS Conference, and there are some really great things being debated. We have five delegates, one of whom, Tom Harwood, is running to be the new NUS President. If you're interested in keeping up with what's happening, take a procrastinatory gander here:

Best of luck with revising - if you hit a wall, have a listen to this to help you reset:

Assembly and goodbye
Nicola Tweedy (Senior Students' Union Representative)Tue Mar 14 2017 11:55:56 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hi Grey!


Last week I went to assembly! Highlights included officer reports, ratification of ELSA and Bar Soc, and the rejection of the controversial HeforShe society. The full minutes will be available to view soon on the SU website. Any questions or if you want to know more, just ask :)

Also this week in the SU, it was announced that Laura Tidd is going to be the UG Academic Officer for 2017/2018- well done to Laura! 


This is my last email as your SU Rep! I've had a great time doing the role this year, and hope that I've sparked some of your interest in the union. I would also like to say congratulations to your new SU Rep- George Stanbury! I'm sure he will do a fantastic job. 

“I think silence is one of the failures of people today. When they see an injustice or intolerance, and they stay silent - that's the worst thing.” - Anonymous 

Union love forever 

Nicola xxx