Postgraduate Research Seminar - 28th November.
Lily Hulatt (MCR President)1 year ago

Hey Grey! 

This may seem random, but even though I'm the (relatively) new MCR President for Postgraduates, Fourth Years and Mature Students, I can promise this post might interest some of you Undergraduates, final years, 4th years, or anyone thinking of doing Masters or PHD. 

Basically, the MCR will be having a Postgrad Research Seminar on 28th November from 7.30pm at Holgate. It is organised by the Postgraduate Mentor, who we individually contact to say we want to present a subject to the MCR.  

It is a pretty chill night where everyone takes a break from studying or eating biscuits, and can go see MCR people give a talk about anything they like. This ranges from their subjects - like Physics, English Literature (a personal favourite), Psychology, Computer Sciences, Translation, etc. - or hobbies and interests like Chinese desserts, Rap music, and Dinosaurs. The reason we do this is to help develop public speaking skills, bolster our confidence, and share studies and hobbies we really love with our friends and fellow students. I myself have done a few talks, and have always enjoyed the lowkey atmosphere and continuous support as I shared my passion for literature and tv shows with people just as devoted to their subjects.

Undergraduates are welcome!! We would love to see new faces, and it gives you guys the chance to see what sort of fields we focus on for our individual research, and maybe inspire some ideas to pursue for your own career ideas.

Talks are usually 15 minutes each, and there are refreshments and nibbles to consume (for nerves ofc). 

If you want further details, or even give a talk yourself, please contact the Postgraduate Mentor (and MCR Treasurer because he didn't have enough hats to wear already) Marcus Lancashire at 

Lily x.