MCR President
Lily Hulatt

The MCR President oversees the running of the Middle Common Room in Grey College. To manage the day-to-day happenings and have close contact with the MCR Exec to make sure our MCR members (which includes postgraduates, mature students, and 4th year students) get the most out of their Grey experience. As the representative of this vibrant community, I can be contacted by email ( if anyone has any queries or concerns.


Recent Posts

JCR Election + Free pizza because we're old
Matthew Kirk (MCR President)Tue Jan 31 2017 17:35:12 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Presidential Candidates

The 3 candidates for JCR president are coming via the MCR to chat to postgrads and answer our questions.

Even if you are leaving this year, whoever wins will be in charge for next years MCR members, so it is still important that we have our say.

Frazer will be in the MCR tonight (31st) from 6:30pm

Pup is coming tomorrow (1st) at 7pm

David is dropping by Thursday (2nd) from 7:30pm

Mature Students / 4th years event

Calling all mature students and 4th years - signed up for the MCR, but never got around to coming to anything?

The JCR mature students rep Fin has organised a get together in Grey Bar for everyone to get to the know the rest of the MCR, and there'll be free pizza because pizza is great. See you there at 8 - straight after quizing David...?

I'm done
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)Sat Oct 29 2016 14:28:52 GMT+0100 (BST)

I am now finished with my role and place on JCR Exec. The new MCR team are as follows.

President Matthew Kirk

Vice President Sarah Gray

Treasurer Maciej Matuszewski

Secretary Renju Mathew

Social Secretary Camilla Bole

Social Secretary Michael Cheung

Welfare Officer Helen Gienger

Welfare Officer Allison Norenberg

Web Designer  Martin Moxon

Reminder: Undergraduate MCR Membership
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)Thu Oct 20 2016 23:43:04 GMT+0100 (BST)

Grey MCR is a part of the JCR; a secondary common room looking out for the needs of postgraduate students and mature members of the student body.
Were also open to fourth year students and those on integrated courses. You may even find that the MCR now has some of your former peers as members, peers who have come back to study a masters degree.
Joining the MCR is no additional cost for current JCR members so you may as well sign up to our emails. There may be an event that you would like to attend. We tend to organise more relaxed events. We don’t have a city trip or phoenix ball, we don’t have to, as being an MCR member does not remove your JCR membership. We do run film nights, bar crawls, games events and more scholarly activities through the college seminar series.
If you sign up for additional MCR membership, you are also welcome to use the Phoenix Room in Elvet North for relaxing, playing games or doing jigsaws of the Queen.
To join please email us at and you will be added to our circulation lists.

Phishing Warning
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)Fri Jul 22 2016 14:37:10 GMT+0100 (BST)

Please be aware of the email messages you recieve. There is an issue at the moment where some spam messages look like they have come from exec accounts. If you look closley at the sender you will see that this is in fact not the case. As a reminder, all money to be paid to the JCR will only be collected at the office or thorough the 'My Debt' tab on the members section of this site.

UK Voter Registration
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)Fri Jun 03 2016 18:30:06 GMT+0100 (BST)

Just (another) reminder to make sure you are registered on the electoral roll. You can register at two addresses as a student i.e. your Durham and Parents' addresses. Postgraduate students in particular may find that they are in Durham for the EU Referendum.

If you have your NI number to hand, registration takes only a few minutes on the website.

You can find your National Insurance number on any payslips you have or on your student loan form.

MCR Dinnerwatch
Stuart Flegg (MCR President)Thu Apr 28 2016 13:35:49 GMT+0100 (BST)

Forthcoming Dinners for PG and 4th year students.

I hope you are all ‘enjoying’ the start of term time. We already have a full programme of events and dinners for Postgraduate and 4th year members to take your mind off that looming PhD. or dissertation submission. Check emails about each of the following events individually.

28th April - St Mary’s Inter-MCR formal

29th April - Hild Bede postgraduate dinner

6th May - Castle Inter-MCR formal

9th May - St John’s Inter-MCR formal

10th May - Hatfield Inter-MCR formal

High Table Dinners: We have been invited to join SCR members for a gowned dinner and networking event on high table. Please contact the Vice-Master if you are interested in attending on one of the following dates:

11th May

18th May

25th May

For more updates please check the MCR event page.