Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend Day 2 - Treasure Hunt!
Henry Woolhouse (Male Welfare Officer)3 weeks ago

Hey Grey,

Welcome back to Day 2 of Grey’s Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend! We’re working in conjunction with Durham Uni Boob Team and CoppaFeel! to get you all clued up on Breast Cancer, which in the UK can affect 1 in 8 women, and almost 400 men each year as well.

Hope you’re excited for the Treasure Hunt this afternoon, read on for the first clue!


Here’s some info about CoppaFeel! Itself and Breast Cancer :

  • CoppaFeel!’s vision is to encourage you to check your boobs, educate you in the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and to empower you to seek medical attention if a problem is found.

  • The founder of CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga, was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at 23.

  • 27% of breast cancer is preventable, with most not being caused by people’s genetics.

  • The earlier breast cancer is found, the easier it is to treat!

  • There are over 55,000 new cases reported in the UK yearly: roughly 150 a day.

  • 78% of people survived for 10 years or more after being diagnosed, with survival rates improving, and doubling in the last 40 years.

Once again, If you want to be reminded to check yourself, you can sign up for DU Boob Team’s text service, which you can do by texting "UBT DUR'" to 70500!

Make sure you give Durham Uni Boob Team’s Facebook page a like, for some great events and to learn more about this important issue:

If you have further questions, you can email Heather Boal, DU Boob Team’s President and CoppaFeel! Volunteer at!


The first clue for the treasure hunt is :

"Grey’s heart of learning;
The place for book returning.”

Welfare love,

Jas, Henry, and the Welfare Team