ğŸŽ‰SHAG WeekğŸŽ‰, one of the best and most highly informative weeks of the academic year.
Emily Thomas (Female Welfare Officer)1 year ago

SHAG stands for sexual health and guidance and the welfare team are hoping to raise awareness of sexual health issues and how you can access services. We are holding some events and sending some emails you might be interested in.


Please make use of the SHAG pack on your corridors and the leaflets given.


Watch out for DIAL A DOUGHNUT this evening – ask a q about sexual health and get a doughnut delivered to an place (within college) of your choice xx


Frazer and Tom’s Short Guide to three common STIs:




This is a bacterial STI that can be passed on during sexual intercourse, though around 50% of women and 10% of men don’t experience symptoms so can be easily missed. 

For women, burning sensation whilst urinating, pain in the lower abdomen during or after sex and bleeding are the the vital symptoms observed. 

For men, white or yellow discharge from the tip of the penis, tender testicles and a burning sensation when urinating are the vital symptoms observed.

Gonorrhoea is easily diagnosed with a urine test and a quick swab, then a course of antibiotics to get rid of it quickly and easily!


Genital warts


This is a viral infection that causes small fleshy growths on the skin around the genital or anal area. Being the second most common STI in the UK, it’s surprising to find that you can pick up this through mere skin to skin contact. 

If you notice and redness or bleeding in that area, consult your local GP as there are several treatments available for you.




This too is a viral infection that causes cold sores, typically painful blisters or sores develop which can cause itching and tingling.

Once you are infected, the virus remains dormant but it is controlled through antiviral medicines and can be manageable over time.