I will try not to waste your time
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)1 year ago

Hey Grey, 
I know everyone is super stressed right now due to exams approaching, but there are still a few roles up for grabs... fortunately this will be literally the shortest meeting ever! 

JCR Meeting: Sunday 7th May, 20:00

Elected Role:

Manage to type every word said in lectures? Want to know all the secrets of college without having to say a word yourself? 

Ironically below are a few words from our previous secretary Rachael Graham:
"Being secretary has been a great experience, getting to know what happens in the JCR and the brilliant people who run it. You get to see everything that goes on behind the scenes and be as involved as you like. It inspired me to get more involved in college life and go on to run for another executive position."

The deadline for submitting motions and applying for secretary is Wednesday 3rd May. 

Please leave an envelope in the JCR Exec pigeon hole in the post room including:
1. Your nomination form
2. Manifesto (please also email a copy)
3. Any other campaign material

More informtation on how to run can be found under the 'Running for a Position' tab on my blog. 'Want to submit a motion?' can also be found here

Husted Role: 
Gym Manager 

No time to spare preparing? Just turn up on the day and say a few words

Spend more time in the gym than you do in the library? Think you could organise memberships and inductions effectively?

Feel free to contact me if you are interested and what to find out more.
Good luck finding a seat in the library,
Miranda xox