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The Chair is an independent advisor, in charge of enforcing the constitution of the JCR to make sure the rules are followed. This includes running elections to JCR positions in a fair and equal manner, chairing meetings of the Exec, Finance Comm and the JCR as a whole.


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Don't Miss Out...
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Mon Oct 23 2017 15:37:12 GMT+0100 (BST)

Hey Grey! Hope first term is serving you well and that you are all settled into your new homes.
The first JCR meeting of the term will be on  Sunday 29th October in the dining hall at  8pm.

Taking up positions in the JCR is a great way to get more involved in college life, meet new people and you can even bung it on your CV. So if you are interested in running for any of these roles please contact me to find out more.

Quite a few roles are bye elections due to students graduating, this means that the role needs to be filled but will not be a year long position. 

Husted Roles:

Careers Officer
Is your CV on point? Willing to help promote and organise careers opportunities and events? 

Student Trustee (bye election)
Fancy being the trustee of a charity? 

If there is something you think would make Grey a better place, there is no reason why it can't become a reality. 
Some examples from last year:
- oppose renewing Durham's contract with Mitie PLC, a company that runs detention centres criticised for human rights abuses.
- one new pool table for the JCR, to be owned by the JCR and to replace the one currently in use.

The deadline for submitting your nomination form and manifesto to the exec pigeon hole (in the post room) is Wednesday 25th October.  More informtation on submitting a motion can be found under 'Want to Submit a Motion?' tab and how to run for a role can be found under the 'Running for a Position' tab, both on my blog

Elected Roles:
Unlike husted roles, you do not need to submit anything prior to the meeting just turn up and hust. These roles will be voted on in the meeting, so bring your friends along!

1 LGBT+ Representative
Would you be happy to be a point of contact for LGBT+ students of Grey? Can you publicise LGBT+ events? 

Students Abroad Representative 
Can you represent the interest of students abroad? Are you able to make sure students are still in touch with college when away?

Mature Students' Representative (bye election)
Do you think you can help integrate mature students into college life? Can you represent the interests of mature students?

Commander-in-Chief of the Grey Army 
Think you could be the bastion of Grey College spirit? Do you know all the chants Durham has to offer?

4 Ordinary Members to the Food Committee
Fancy yourself as a foodie? Want to voice the JCR's opinions on college food?

Vegetarian Rep to the Food Committee
Got the goss on the veggie options? 

4 Ordinary Members of Finance Committee
Would you like your say on budgets for college events, sports and societies? Can you scrutinise financial motions?

Grey Matter Editor (bye election)
Do you fancy yourself as a quality satirist? Think you can do better than this? or this

Grey Matter Sub-Editor(s) 
Want to be the editor's righthand man/woman? Don't want the blame if nobody finds it funny?

Miranda xox

I will try not to waste your time
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Wed Apr 26 2017 14:13:32 GMT+0100 (BST)

Hey Grey, 
I know everyone is super stressed right now due to exams approaching, but there are still a few roles up for grabs... fortunately this will be literally the shortest meeting ever! 

JCR Meeting: Sunday 7th May, 20:00

Elected Role:

Manage to type every word said in lectures? Want to know all the secrets of college without having to say a word yourself? 

Ironically below are a few words from our previous secretary Rachael Graham:
"Being secretary has been a great experience, getting to know what happens in the JCR and the brilliant people who run it. You get to see everything that goes on behind the scenes and be as involved as you like. It inspired me to get more involved in college life and go on to run for another executive position."

The deadline for submitting motions and applying for secretary is Wednesday 3rd May. 

Please leave an envelope in the JCR Exec pigeon hole in the post room including:
1. Your nomination form
2. Manifesto (please also email a copy)
3. Any other campaign material

More informtation on how to run can be found under the 'Running for a Position' tab on my blog. 'Want to submit a motion?' can also be found here

Husted Role: 
Gym Manager 

No time to spare preparing? Just turn up on the day and say a few words

Spend more time in the gym than you do in the library? Think you could organise memberships and inductions effectively?

Feel free to contact me if you are interested and what to find out more.
Good luck finding a seat in the library,
Miranda xox


Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Sun Mar 12 2017 23:37:34 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Click on Elections on the toolar at the top of this page to vote now.

Voting is now open for the roles of 

Vice President
Bar Manager
Representatives Officer
Students' Union Representative 
Charities Officer
Environment and Ethics Officer


A video of the VP husts will be sent out shortly (many thanks to Steve).
You have until 8pm tomorrow to vote, with the results being announced in the bar at 10pm.

Your vote matters,
Miranda xox


Battle for VP Victory
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Thu Mar 09 2017 11:05:53 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey,

Timmy takeover is now over and there is a long list of candidates wanting to replace him...

Vice President
Eliza Beaumont

Proposer: Frances Crowcombe
Seconders: Callum Stewart, Emily Lauterpacht, Xiyin Chen, Hugo Briggs

Milly Esmund
Proposer: Frazer Levett
Seconders: Ashleigh Torrington, George Garnett, Lydia Gibson, George Friend

Conor Pey
Proposer: Marvin Wong
Seconders: Alex Myall, Billi Golland, Will Batt, Eve Smyth

Calum Scott
Proposer: Ollie Gosnold
Seconders: Sol Gelsomino, Oscar Lingard, Grace Bryan, Harry Shepherd

Representatives Officer
Rachael Graham

Proposer: Isla Mackenzie
Seconders: Alex Myall, Joseph Kavanaugh, Conor Pey

Bar Manager
Finlay Welsh

Proposer: Leo Petty
Seconders: Kerry Bromfield, Liam Traynor, Lara McLeod

Students' Union Representative
George Stanbury

Proposer: Sol Gelsomino
Seconders: Abi Skyrme-Jones, Flick Liu, Ryan West


Charities Officer
Zoe Huggins
 and Anna Ley
Proposer: Ashleigh Torrington
Seconders: Simon Gomez Cullen, Katie Haigh, Ronni Anand, Barney Martin

Environment and Ethics Officer
Kathryn Stockton

Proposer: Milly Esmund
Seconders: Gabriela Smetankova, Jack Hodges, Raya Al Saket, Henry Folds

Check out their manifestos on the JCR website

We are also looking for another Sub-editor of Grey Matter. This is set to be an exciting role as the new Editor Stuart Flegg has big changes in mind! Please just stand up and hust for this in the meeting on Sunday.

A reminder that you can submit targeted question for any of the candidates running for election. This means you will anonymously be able to ask a question directly to an individual candidate as you will not be able to do this in the meeting. Questions will be read out at my discretion. You will be able to ask non-targeted questions in the meeting by putting up your hand.

Miranda xox

Its that time again...
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Mon Feb 27 2017 13:15:42 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey,
Time to get excited at the prospect of running for a whole host of husted roles.

Next JCR meeting: Sunday 12th March

Vice President
Fancy organising formals? Want to be a student trustee? Think you could work well with our new president?

Bar Manager
Think you can organise Barfest? Do you have new ideas for drinks and entertainment? Can you continue Grey's reign as best college bar?

Are you gifted in touch-typing? Have a clever plan for what to do with all the uncollected stash? Want to know all the secrets of college without having to say a word yourself? 

Representatives Officer
Want to chair Representative Committee? Can your ideas make Grey more inclusive? Would you like to help implement a new LGBTA+ committee?

Students' Union Representative 
Want to be more involved with university-wide issues? Think you can represent the views of Grey at university consultations? Can you organise the university challenge team?

Nicola answered a few questions about her role as SU Rep on her blog, 

Charities Officer
Want to spearhead charity fundraising in college? Have you got some exciting ideas for a formal or other events?

Environment and Ethics Officer
Would you like to help Grey become more environmentally friendly? Think you can run informative and engaging campaigns?


The deadline for submitting your nomination form and manifesto to the exec pigeon hole (in the post room) is Wednesday 8th March. More informtation on how to run can be found under the 'Running for a Position' tab on my blog

If you are interested in any of these roles or just want to find out more, please get in contact with me.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Miranda xox

Last week's election results
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)Sun Feb 26 2017 19:59:09 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Hey Grey,

Thank you to everyone who voted and please continue to vote in both the Referendum and the SU elections.
Well done to everyone who ran. The results from the JCR election are as follows:

There are 260 valid votes giving a quota of 131.
Ben Firth: 246
RON: 14
Ben Firth achieves quota and is duly elected.

Website Editor
There are 241 valid votes giving a quota of 121.
Michael Xin: 197
RON: 44
Michael Xin achieves quota and is duly elected.

Publicity Officer
There are 240 valid votes giving a quota of 121.
Luke Dugdale: 219
RON: 21
Luke Dugdale achieves quota and is duly elected.

Events Manager
There are 248 valid votes giving a quota of 125.
Charlotte Bourchier: 214
RON: 34
Charlotte Bourchier achieves quota and is duly elected.

Services Manager
There are 249 valid votes giving a quota of 125.
Niamh McConville: 239
RON: 10
Niamh McConville achieves quota and is duly elected.

Sports and Societies Officer
There are 264 valid votes giving a quota of 133.
Leo Harris: 93
Dan Wilson: 164
RON: 7
Dan Wilson achieves quota and is duly elected.

Congratulations, I look forward to seeing you all in your new roles next term,
Miranda xox