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George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)6 days ago
Hey Grey! Starter for 10: How are Grey doing in University Challenge? Today was the beginning of the intercollegiate University Challenge, with the dream of TV Screens and being savaged by Paxman no...
Housing talk this Thursday!
Rachael Graham (Representatives Officer)1 week ago
Elliot and George, the livers out reps, will be giving a talk in the dining hall this Thursday night from 8:30PMabout choosing a house for next year. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you stop to consider th...
Don't Miss Out...
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)3 weeks ago
Hey Grey! Hope first term is serving you well and that you are all settled into your new homes. The first JCR meeting of the term will be onSunday 29th Octoberin the dining hall at8pm. Taking up pos...
**Gym memberships**
Ben Firth (FACSO)3 weeks ago
Just a quick one from me folks. Gym membership debts still haven't been added to accounts due to some website issues we've been experiencing - we're working to solve this in the next few days. In the ...
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)4 months ago
Hey Grey, Congratulations on making it through the year - I hope you're all happy with your results and looking forward to a well-earned rest this summer! Before you forget Durham for a while, I'm h...
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)6 months ago
Hey Grey! Brexit means Brexit but does an election vote mean you'll vote? I know there's loads to do at the moment but this a quick one to get you toREGISTER TO VOTE!It's been shown time after time t...
Assembly and Accommodation Fees!
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)6 months ago
Hey Grey, Hope you guys are having a good week and the library seshes aren't too long! To get you through - have a watch of this, Alan never fails to sort me out when I'm stressed:
I will try not to waste your time
Miranda Van-noorden (Chair)6 months ago
Hey Grey, I know everyone is super stressed right now due to exams approaching, but there are still a few roles up for grabs... fortunately this will beliterally the shortest meeting ever! JCR Meetin...
Bouncy Castles and Dogs!
George Stanbury (Senior Students' Union Representative)6 months ago
Hey Grey, I hope you've all had a super Easter holiday! This is a quick one to introduce myself as your new SU Rep, and let you know about a few things that are going on this week! I'll be in Spain u...